An ASIC solution company with rich experience in high performance computing

Custom SoC Design

A highly scalable and configurable ADAS & Autonomous Driving SoC Platform equipped with CPU, NPU, GPU, ISP, VPU, Safety Island, HSM, Debug, Interconnect, DDR & Peripherals.  Shorten the SoC Chip development cycle for respective customers, enable fast-to-market with best-in-class PPA & FuSa feature sets.

We also provide HPC ASIC solution, Consumer & IoT ASIC Solution.

Modulized Subsystem AppStore

A rich portfolio of modulized XPU subsystems (aka. Lego blocks) which are key computing elements in ADAS/AD SoC.  Fully verified Safety Island Module, Hardware Security Module (HSM), Arm CPU subsystem, GPU subsystem, ISP subsystem & etc. Embedded with PPA-differentiation & debug features.

Computing Subsystem Hardening Service

We provide advanced physical design service to deliver complex CPU, GPU & NPU subsystem hard-macro to achieve Power, Performance & Area optimization.

IP Development & Customization

Provide spec-in IP development or modification service.

Primarily focus on Computing IPs such as CPU, GPU, NPU & NoC and Chiplet Interface IPs such as D2D/UCIe controller & CXL.  

Collaborate with customer application SW team and architecture team to achieve best-in-class PPA & system performance.